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Hello, I left Belgium like 4 years ago and I didn’t close my account because I knew I will come back. However, I found a job in Cyprus. So, I would like to close my bank account now. The problem is that I cannot travel to Belgium. What can I do? Also, I still have some money there. If closure is not possible, can I change my permanent address and give the one I live right know (in Cyprus) since my card will expire and I guess that you will send a new one at the old address? Please, send me an email of contact since I do not have a Belgium number in order to call at telephone (I lost the one that I used to open my account) Thank you so much for your help. 
(my card is Hello Bank opened at BNP Paribas Fortis)

ps. I haven’t updated my personal info since I opened the account.

also, i do not have access to easy banking app, because in order to reset my password it is asked my belgian number that I lost.
I just realised that my card can not or no longer be used, too. So, I can’t in an way use the app. 
please answer. I have sent a hundread emails I didn’t receive a responde so far.

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Good afternoon @Stellala,


We thank you for contacting our services.

You are using a non-secured channel, which means that we cannot open your bank folder.

If you want to close your bank account, you need an appointment and go to your branch or you can call us via the Easy Banking App on your mobile phone. If you don’t come back and you have no access to Easy Banking we would recommend you to call us at 02 762 90 00 so that we can send an e-mail to your branch in order to see if there is solution for your case.

Kind regards,