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I have just bought some food at Carrefour and I paid with my bancotact card, (first achat) but if i open the app the saldo is the same as before and the transaction is not written. Why? Takes some days to see it in the app?

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Hello @alessioaguzzi, thank you for you question and welcome on our Community !


When you make a payment in store, the merchant records the transaction. Sometimes it does not request a live debit from your account.

He makes a reservation for the amount, and debits it later. This amount is not visible directly on your account, but is blocked to be withdrawn when the merchant decides.

The maximum period is 7 days to withdraw the amount.


Hope this answers your question. Get back to us if necessary, at 02 / 762.90.00 (English line)


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Impossible de télécharger easy banking sur mon nouveau téléphone et sur mon ancien téléphone j'ai l'application mais impossible d'y accéder erreur EBW2800


Quelle est votre version Android/ IOS ? 

Il fait écrit version d'android 10c'eest un huawei p40 lite


Je pense que vous devez contacter le service client et expliquer exactement votre problème. 

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