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Hi All , 

Please could help.

I  recently flew to France to close my bank accounts and with the help of the  friendly bank staff composed a letter in French . I was told that the money from my account will be transferred to my UK account. 

That was 6 weeks ago and i have heard nothing from the bank , either by phone or email.

Due to Covid and losing  work ,the money is urgently required


Rgds M


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Good afternoon @Mark john fowler,


Thank you for contacting us.

We have no access to your folder because this is a non-secured channel.

We invite you to call us via the Easy Banking App or you can send an e-mail via the Easy Banking Web by going into ‘message’. If not possible, you can call us at 02 762 90 00 from Monday to Friday 7-22 or on Saturday 9-17.


Kind regards,



Thank you Yoan , 


I will try and get through .


Rgds M

Hi Yoan , All


I  have tried the number given in all combinations with country code added but cannot get through.

I do not have the easy banking app , Could someone please contact me on +447979624978

or by email markfowler37@hotmail.com.


These were the contact detail passed on to the St louis Branch 68300 where i was banking .