Hi! Please help. I need to unblock my card after failure to enter the needed esignature. I need my card to purchase some food for the house, to pay for my utilities and rentals. Please, please.

Please help unblock my card.  I need it to pay my utilities, rental and food deliveries. 


Thank you, 



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Thank you so much, Marine.


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Dear @Phoebe Sanchez,


Thank you for your message and welcome on our Community,


We don’t have any access on your account by the Community.

You have to contact the Easy Banking Centre (in your app tab “Contact-us” or at the 02/762.90.00).

We will be able to check your file by this channel.


I hope that it will help you.

I wish you a nice day,




PS : as a new member, dont’ forget to introduce yourself here.

Dear Raphael, 


The auto-machine says all advisers are busy.  I have been calling since 7 am and could not get anybody to help me. 

I do not have an easy banking account. 

What shall I do. 



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Dear @Phoebe Sanchez 

The only way to unblock your card remotely is to call us. You can reach us on 02 762 90 00.

It is possible that you may be put in the queue. We receive a lot of calls during this exceptional period. 


Thank you for your understanding.


Kind regards,