credit card transaction to canada didnt show on easy aap

I did a transaction using my visa card 2 days ago to canada. But it didnt show on my easy banking aap.

Secondly when i checked my visa card settings on easy banking aap the transactions outside europe were not activated, is this the reason? But when i made the transaction it was successful.


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Hello @Kamran Arshad,


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Normally, a credit card is alreay activated for the transactions outside Europe.

For checking the transaction, we advise you to contact Bank Card Company on the 02/205.85.85.


They manage the payment network and will be able to check it for you.


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Thanks for your response. I have already called them , they are saying they didnt receive any request.

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@Kamran Arshad,


In this situation we advise you to repeat your payment.





I already did. But still the transaction didnt appear on my easy banking aap.