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Can I change my savings account to savings account plus for better interest rates?


Meilleure réponse par Catherine CH 8 September 2023, 15:04

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Hello @elvar astradsson,


Thank you for your message on our Community.


You can open a savings plus account from the offer menu in your Easy Banking App or

from you Easy Banking Web session in the open account tab.


Do you have any other questions?


Yours sincerly


Catherine CH 

Do you mean that I have to open a a savings plus account instead of changing my savings account? As there are much higher interest rates on the plus account it seems better choice or what? Thanks for your answer. Elvar

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Hello @elvar astradsson,


Yes in this case you have to open a savings plus account, and then close the savings account if you only want to keep the savings plus account. But you can also have both the savings account and savings plus account.


It is not possible to change a savings account to a savings plus account.


It depends on what you want, the savings plus account and savings account are a little bit different, i invite you to take a look at what they both offer here on our website to make your decision.


Kind regards, Tamara