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I have received my card and card reader 10 days ago. I also received the e-mail and the link to activate my account. I didn't receive my easy phone code. When I try to activate my account I always receive the above error. I called Hello Team multiple times as I was not able to contact. 5 days ago I contacted using the French line and luckily the lady tried to help me, indicating that the technical team will get in touch with me. It has been days and I am still not contacted. I try to call again but English line is always busy. I wrote a complaint e-mail yesterday, still nothing. Last night I received an automated reminder to activate my account or my account will be cancelled. I tried to activate again but still the same error. Should I let it be cancelled and go for another bank?


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J’ai le même problème, je ne peut activer mon compte et j’ai tout essayé.

J’ai appelé le numéro de téléphone ci-dessus mais eux me disent de vous contacter par chat.


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Hello @Progressychedelic,


If your have a problem with the activation of your account, I invite you to contact our Hello Team on 02 433 41 45. My colleagues will send you a new mail to activate you account.


The French line is 04 433 41 42. 


I’m sorry if the line is busy but I don’t have any access to you banking data here.


Kind regards,