invalid card- close my account

Hello, I lived in Belgium 4 years ago and I left the country but I didn’t close my account (Hello Bank card). I just tried to log in at the easy banking app and I can’t because for some reason my card is invalid (1 week ago I used it and it was ok). So, for some reason that I don’t know my card is blocked.
I am out of Belgium and I can’t come. I am trying to close my account and since I haven’t the app or my belgian number (I lost it) I can’t close it. My card still have money. 
Please explain to me why my card is invalid and how to close my account
Also, nobody answer to me via chats or emails in order to know what to do.
I am very disappointed by the bank’s customer service. 
Thank you in advance for your response.
Please answer to me immediately.



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Good afternoon @Stellala,

We thank you for contacting us.

It is probably because we have replaced your card. Indeed, we sent the new Visa debit card to our clients as we are now working with Visa for debit cards. The card replaces the old one ‘Maestro Bancontact debit card’.

Kind regards,