change language in application


I heard that i can change the language in application. I can't speak french so I'd like to change it to english.

But i don't know why but on that screen there is no 'change language' button. 

Is there are any other way to change the language? :-( 



Meilleure réponse par Antonio 13 June 2022, 10:00

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Hello @Hyeongyeong HAN,


Can you confirm that you are on our App HelloBank Belgium?

Indeed, our home page is different from your photo.


Have a nice day,



I think this is French app. 'Mes comptes'. 

I should use another application for english version?? 

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Re @Antonio,


I don't know, you are here on HelloBank Belgium.



Ah this website is only for Beligium BNP customers? 

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@Hyeongyeong HAN 


Yes. I invite you to check on the French website.