Ma nouvelle carte visa.

Si ca ne vous dérange pas, je vais écrire en anglais. Merci. 

To activate my new Visa card, I went to draw money from an ATM here in Kyiv this evening (I am currently in Ukraine). All went well and now I know that my card is activated.

Now that this is done, I have tried to pay that amount online, from my Comfort pack account COMFORT PACK

I'm having difficulties in finding out how to make this payment. Previously, when I was transferring money to my Prepaid card, I could do that by pressing, "Gerer votre carte", but I don't find a similar option to transfer funds to my new credit card. Could you advise me on the steps I need to take to make this transfer, please?


Thank you.


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Hello @Michel Baert,


Thank you for your message and welcome on our Community,


The credit card doesn’t work as a Prepaid Card, you can’t transfer an amount on this card.

This type of card has her own capacity of payment which is reset each month after it has been refunded.


If you need to get an extra amount on the card, you have to contact our Easy Banking Centre with “Contact-us” tab of your Easy Banking App.


I hope that it will help you,


I wish a nice day,




PS : as a new member of our Community, don’t forget to introduce yourself here.



Thanks so much for your quick response, Raphael IV.

Unfortunately, I’m still a little confused, so please bear with me as I ask you for further information.

I have no need to get an additional amount on the card, but I need to pay the amount I drew from it. If I am not able to transfer money to the card, how do I pay for this amount? 

I had to get this card as I was informed that the Prepaid Cards would soon stop to function. I will only use this card once we’re able to travel freely again without the threat of having to go into isolation due to Covid 19. Until such time, it will stay safely locked away.

The only reason I used the card to draw money now was because I was told that I needed to use it in order to activate it. Now that I have activated the card, I want to replace that money.  Can I perhaps do that by making a deposit at an ATM, even if that ATM is not in the EU? What other methods are there for me to make this payment?

Thanks again for your help.



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Hello @Michel Baert,


As written above by RaphaelIV, if you need to get an extra amount on the card, you have to contact our Easy Banking Centre using the “Contact-us” tab at the buttom of your Easy Banking App. 


It’s impossible to make a cash deposit on this card. To refund the amount you used, you will have to wait the monthly debit of your account (the 10th of each month).


Have a nice day, 



Thanks, Elodie. 

I had no idea it worked like that, as, the last time I had a credit card was in South Africa years ago, and back then, I used to send in my payments each month. I expected the same here so when I couldn’t work out how to pay for it, I got concerned. 

I made a call to the bank yesterday and they told me exactly what you told me. Thanks for confirming it. :)