I want to cancel my account and get my money, but no one is answering


I am moving back to my home country after living in Brussels and I would therefore like to close my account and have the money returned onto my bank account in my home country. I can’t seem to figure out how, but no one is answering when I’ve written emails.

Can you please tell me, what I need to do ASAP! 




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Hello @Julie nørring,


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In order to close your account, please call us using the tab “Contact” at the bottom of your Easy Banking App.

You will just need to provide a proof of your new account number (a statement for example).


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I have tried calling several times, but I keep getting the same reply: “Sorry all our advisers are busy. To continue with a french speaking advisor press 1”. Which doesn’t help me much. Can you please advise me on, what else I can do to get in touch with someone, who speaks English? Thanks.

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It will be easier to contact them during off-peak hours.

For example : 7:00-8:30 ; 12:30-13:30 ; or 20:00-22:00.