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I am writing to you as I need some information on crowdfunding.

I would like to launch a campaign as an independent principal/complementaire. We estimate that we will raise approx. 100.000 EUR via this campaign.

My questions are the following:

1) Do we need approval from FSMA prior to the launch of our campaign?

2) The VAT has to be paid immediately as we obtain from the corwdfunding platform the 100.000 EUR, as stated in my example? The VAT applies to the entire amount of 100.000 EUR?

3) Taxes will be paid only on the profit, is this correct?As we estimate that the sales in advance will be approx 100.000 EUR, but we will have costs with producing the goods.

4) The taxes for a crowdfunding issued in  2021 will be normally paid in 3 years, as stated by the Belgian law.Can we pay our taxes earlier?

5) Are there any other procedures we must fulfill?

Please help me with an answer. In case you cannot answer all my questions, please indicate to me where I can address to obtain all the answers.

Our crowdfunding campaign is ready for more than 1 month and we are blocked as we do not have answers to the questions above.

In case this is not the correct email address for sending those questions, please forward it to responsible colleagues.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,

Valentina Sarb


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Hi @valentina.sarb 

Unfortunately, I don't have the answer to your questions about crowdfunding.

I invite you to contact the company Winwinner, our external crowdfunding partner. They can answer your questions. 


Kind regards,