suspend loan temporary because of covid-19

As you heard about pandemic Covid-19. Im just wondering if its possible for you to suspend temporary the mortgages atleast one month as you know all the restaurants and are close for almost 3 weeks. 

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Your client


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Hello @Chrissearch,


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Could you please contact your branch advisor or the Easy Banking Center to discuss your personal situation ?


The Easy Banking Center will be opened from 7am to 10pm (monday-friday) and  from 9am to 5pm (saturday). Use the button "Contact Us” in your Easy Banking App to contact them.


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I called them already and they still don’t know. I have 2 personal loan. They are going to deduct the loan from my account because the due date is coming. And i still don’t know if im able to pay that amount. Thank you . Please reply. @Elodie 

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Hello @Chrissearch 


The National Bank, the federal government and the financial sector have agreed on a package of measures, you can find all the details on our website.


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