Refund to a blocked classic visa card

I have requested to block my classic visa card due a fraud activity. 

However i received a confirmation for a refund from the merchant but after I blocked my card. 

Will the refund process be completed? 


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Hello @Shadihamdan 


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In your Easy Banking Web/App (in “Cards”), you can check if the refund appears.


If not, please contact Worldline on the 02 205 85 85.


They will be able to check it for you. They can also transfer a refund on your current account if needed.


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apparently, when I call  I need to give in my credit card number or a shortcut code, but I am not in a possession of those numbers.  what should I do? without it I can not be connected to a representitive 

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You can find these informations in one of your credit card statements in Zoomit (in Easy Banking Web only for the moment).

This article could help you to find them.



I can only find the last 4 digits on the statements via zoom. 

I have tried to login in my web banking but i cant see more than the last 4 digits, unfortunately 

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Thanks for the information. You can still :

  • use your Worldline client code : this code is in your credit card statement (written in the PDF, in Zoomit). As written above, they seems to ask for this number instead of the card number.
  • contact us through Easy Banking App using the tab “contact” at the buttom of the app. We can give you the card number.