Unable to access my account.


My name is Kelvin. I am an Erasmus student, I was in France for my first year and now in Turkey for the second year.

The problem is that I can't login into my account because the mobile number which i registered to the account has be given to someone else and I can't get the login code to access my account.

I contacted the bank to send me the code on several occasions but I still haven't received it and this is over 2 months now.

If it's a problem getting the code to access my account, is it better if I close the account from abroad and my money transferred to my account here in Turkey? If that's a possibility how can I close the account since I don't have access to my interest banking because of login issue.


Thank you.


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Hello @Kelvin chidiebere,


Have you got an account in BNP Paribas Fortis Belgium ?


Here you are in Belgium, so we can’t answer your question if you don’t have any link with our bank.


Have a nice day,