Easy banking app - error BCP0546



I recently received the new Visa debit card + new activation code and did activate my card in one of your ATM’s.


The problem I have now is with my Easy Banking App - I did delete the app and reinstalled it, all is fine....except when trying to pay something online (or for another app) and link it to my Easy banking app, I open the App, put my code in it and then I receive a error message as follows: "No usable debit cards (BCP0546)"


Can you please advise what the reason is for this and what are the next steps I should take?




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Hello @Djunijet,


I advise you to call my colleagues at the number 02 762 90 00.

They will access to your bank data to see what’s going on with your Visa debit card.


Have a nice day,