my conseiller is ignoring me

Hi, could you help please ?

i left France and I wanted to close my bnp account , I don’t have access to my online account as I closed my SIM card ( I need to enter sms code to access it).
Fortunately I had an email of my conseiller (Fatoumata Cisse, Grenoble Echirolles) , I explained her the situation, And she said she will help to close my account through email , but later she just ignored me , and send automated message that she is leaving the job, and someone else will cover her. I tried to call them million times, never answering!!! it’s Expensive international calls.

now I have no idea what to do , could I share my personal info, so that someone will come back to me to close my account?

thank you in advance,

Assylay Kereyeva 



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Dear @Assylay 


We invite you to get in contact with BNP Paribas France.


You currently are on the BNP Paribas Fortis Community, which is the Belgian subsidiary company.


We hope you’ll find a quick solution to close your account.


Kind regards


Céline B