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I’ve opened my account in 2020, during covid so without a branch and by post. The branch close to my home closed in 2021 (av. frnaklin roosevelt Bruxelles) and now I would like to close my account (premium) because I do not need it anymore. To do so I’ve called call center, they told me I could not do from the app or from easy banking alone and he asked me to call the call center directly from the app. I’ve called from the app. The lady from the app did not speak english at all and in a very very not polite mode shared with me the process: Send an email to UPDATECLIENTDATA@BNPPARIBAS.COM  with my RIB and to put my account to 0. I’ve done it and this morning I’ve received the answer from the email that they could not do what I’m asking (close the account). 

It is possible to have a clear process on how close an account? possibly a correct one.



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Hello @marottafrancesca and thank you for your message,


In order to close a customer relationship, you have two options.


If it’s remote, you must contact customer service in a secure way (from the mobile application for example) and send a bank identity statement (RIB) to the email address admin.ccb@bnpparibasfortis.com. In terms of conditions, the ID card in the bank file must be up to date.


The other option is to make an appointment in a branch to close the account.







Thanks for this. I’ve followed the remote way and send info and doc on Jan 19th. I’ve not received yet any answer by email or by post but I cannot access anymore to my mobile app because I receive a message saying that I do not have any easy banking web contract.

I suppose the contract and account is now closed but I hope that some communication will be sent.

The reason why I’m worried is that I needed to put the account at 0 EUR, but having a “premium pack” usually 7.50 euro in taken by month, if the bank will try to take 7 eur it will go to red and I don’t want to have issues for this.


How I can be sure that the closure is done?




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Hello @marottafrancesca,


I do not have access to your account through Community.


I invite you to give us a call on 02 762 90 00 (which is our English spoken line).


We’ll be able to check if your account is totally closed in order to avoid fees.


Have a nice day.


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