Closing my accounts from abroad


I have lived and worked in Belgium for 1 year and I had opened 2 accounts. I have returned back to my country Mauritius and I may not come back. Now I want to close my accounts. My debit card has already expired and therefore I cannot access the Easy Banking application and I also do not have a code for Easy Banking Phone.

I have called the bank many times and they tell me that I need to first update my address. This is not possible because I do not stay in Belgium and therefore I do not have a Belgium address. I have also sent several emails to my branch (De Brouckère) with all my details, i.e. Account number, ID, Passport… but I have never got a reply.

Can you please let me know how I should proceed to close my accounts and complete dossier?


Thank you and kind regards,

Obeydullah Sobratee


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Hello @Obeydullah Sobratee,


Welcome on our Community,


To close your account you should send by registered mail your request with bank details of your actual account.

You can send it at this adresse : BNP Paribas Fortis SA - Montagne du Parc, 3 - 1000 Bruxelles (Belgium)


I wish you a nice day,



Hello @RaphaelV ,


What are the other details that I need to send by registered mail? Photocopies of some documents?

Is there a form that I need to fill and sign?


Thank you,

Obeydullah Sobratee

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Hello @Obeydullah Sobratee,


Please provide in the mail :

  • a copy of your ID card/passport.
  • a proof of address : for example a document of your insurance policy, tax, water bill, etc. giving your address.
  • a proof of your actual account (statement, account opening document, etc.).


Thank you,


Hello @Elodie ,


I have sent the details and documents you mentioned by mail in August. It has been more than a month now and i did not receive any reply or confirmation. Please help and let me know what i should do now.


Thank you,

Obeydullah Sobratee

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Hello @Obeydullah Sobratee,


To get the follow-up of your request, we advise you to contact our Easy Banking Centre (02/762.90.00).


Kind regards,



I did the same thing. (Sent by registered mail; etc.) I have called your Easy Banking Centre. They cannot do anything. It has been seven months. SEVEN. What more do you want from me? Do you all know how to close an account or does no one there do this and you just treat your customers so poorly as a manner of practice? Why will no one help me? Proof of my doing everything you asked, from JUNE 2021! -->


naamsepoort.porte-de-namur@bnpparibasfortis.com <naamsepoort.porte-de-namur@bnpparibasfortis.com>

AttachmentsWed, Jun 9, 2021, 5:19 AM
to me

Good morning,


My colleague transfered me your postal mail today.


I sent  the closing request to the Headquarter (see attachment).


It can take some time due to covid to get the amount on your American account.


I kindly suggest you to be patient as the Headquarter received your instructions.






Ornella Amélie Alidou


Conseiller Bancassurance