Closing an account from abroad

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I hope you don't mind if I ask my question in English.

I have lived and worked in Belgium for 8 months and naturally I have opened a bank account with BNP. I now need to return to my home country (South Africa), possibly not returning. It is not really feasible or desirable for me to close my account before I leave, because I will still have some payments to make here in Belgium after I leave. Is it possible to close my account from abroad/South Africa, once I am sure I have fulfilled all my financial obligations in Belgium (maybe after a few months)? If so, how does this work? I assume I will be required to return my credit card, but can I keep my debit card?

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Hello @zers,

Welcome to our Community! :relaxed:

It’s possible to close your bank account over the phone by calling the Easy Banking Center:

- Either on your Easy Banking Application on your mobile phone: log in to your accounts with your password or touch ID and clic on the little speech bubble at the bottom of the screen. Confirm that you wish to call us.

- By calling 02 762 90 00 with your 5-digit security code, the Easy Banking Phone

To be able to close the account, there are conditions to respect:

- The account balance must be zero (= 0) or positive

- Your identity data must be up to date


My colleagues are avalaible on phone from 7 AM until 10 PM on weekdays and from 9 am until 5 pm on Saturdays. :wink:

Have a nice day!


Hi @CharlineD ,

Thank you very much for the response!

I just want to clarify the conditions to respect:

  1. The account balance must be zero or positive: I have been told to leave some money on the account on a few occasions, but I am not sure if this is a hard rule or not. So it is okay to withdraw all your funds (balance = 0)? You probably have to close your account soon after, correct? Because you have banking fees, which can make your account go into the negative?
  2. Your identity data must be up to date: Can you kindly elaborate on what data exactly? Is there data that needs updating before you leave the country?

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Hi @zers,


We advise you to keep some money on the account for now, for the banking fees for example. Just before calling the Easy Banking Center, you can make the last transfer.

Just so you know : during the call, you will have to send us anyway, by e-mail, a proof of your new account (a bank statement for example).


When you leave the country, you must inform the bank of your new address and new ID card/passport. If you still haven’t done that you can call the Easy Banking Center (as explained above) and we will send you (by e-mail) all the documents needed for the update.


Have a nice day,


Hi @Elodie,

Thank you for the clarification!

With regard to the update of my address and ID. Must this be done before leaving Belgium, or can it be done from abroad?

Thank you and kind regards


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You’re welcome !


You can update your data as soon as you will be able to give us your new ID card/passport and a proof of address.


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I want to confirm if my account is closed or not. It was opened when I came to Bordeaux as an Erasmus student and when I wanted to close it they told me that I can write a letter about closing my account and  I can upload it via mes comptes app. I remember I tried several times sending the letter by both the app and the email. Can you please direct me so that I can learn and if it is not closed i need to close it.





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Hello @ilayda,


You are here on the BNP Paribas Fortis community. You talk about the "Mes comptes" App which is the French BNP Paribas App.


Is your account with BNP Paribas Fortis Belgium or BNP Paribas France?


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My identity documents are up to date. My account has a positive balance. I have called and called and spoken to people on the phone. No one will transfer my funds. Why not? 

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Re @Nirvi Shah,


I have responded to your request here.



@Antonio Your response here (and there) is useless and unhelpful.

Here is the bank’s response: 


naamsepoort.porte-de-namur@bnpparibasfortis.com <naamsepoort.porte-de-namur@bnpparibasfortis.com>

Thu, Jun 10, 2021, 3:44 AM
to me

Mrs. Shah,


I do understand your worries but I cannot invent a name that I don’t know.


Giving false information won’t be also fare, your request is being handled by the headquarter and you will have to be patient for the money to arrive.


You can contact the branch if needed in the future if really you don’t get anything after months.


I don’t understand that back and forth emails as everything has been handled the day that we received your documents.

Besides, you even got the proof of that.


At this point, it is not necessary to put so soon pressure on that as you got all the proof that it has been done yesterday when I was handled your documents.


I hope you understand that the headquarter has to handle all the inquiries of all Belgium and you have to let them time to handle your request too.


I thank you for your understanding and I cannot fasten the process…





Ornella Amelie Alidou