Close my bank account, transfer my balance

I have submitted 100 percent of the paperwork needed to close my account and transfer my balance. I did this more than six months ago. The branch (Porte de Namur) will now not respond to anything. No one else at BNP will help even if I call and call and call and email. The bank charges a monthly fee to keep my account open but cannot process a simple transaction that should take no more than a few minutes. Why? This is wrong and shows gross negligence of customers and gross incompetence of the staff. 


J'ai soumis 100 pour cent des documents nécessaires pour fermer mon compte et transférer mon solde. Je l'ai fait il y a plus de six mois. L'agence (Porte de Namur) ne répondra désormais à rien. Personne d'autre chez BNP ne m'aidera même si j'appelle et appelle et appelle et envoie un e-mail. La banque facture des frais mensuels pour garder mon compte ouvert mais ne peut pas traiter une simple transaction qui ne devrait pas prendre plus de quelques minutes. Pourquoi? Ceci est faux et montre une négligence grave des clients et une incompétence flagrante du personnel.

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Hello @Nirvi Shah,


Unfortunately, I do not have access to your bank details via the Community to verify.


I  invite you to contact your Bnp Paribas Fortis agency to find a solution.


Kind regards,




@Antonio I’ve contacted them 1000 times. So many phone calls. SO MANY. Emails go unanswered. So you are complicit in committing fraud by holding money you have no right to and not closing my account. (This is the equivalent of theft.)


Here is the bank’s response -- they won’t respond further. (This is from JUNE 2021)


naamsepoort.porte-de-namur@bnpparibasfortis.com <naamsepoort.porte-de-namur@bnpparibasfortis.com>

Thu, Jun 10, 2021, 3:44 AM
to me

Mrs. Shah,


I do understand your worries but I cannot invent a name that I don’t know.


Giving false information won’t be also fare, your request is being handled by the headquarter and you will have to be patient for the money to arrive.


You can contact the branch if needed in the future if really you don’t get anything after months.


I don’t understand that back and forth emails as everything has been handled the day that we received your documents.

Besides, you even got the proof of that.


At this point, it is not necessary to put so soon pressure on that as you got all the proof that it has been done yesterday when I was handled your documents.


I hope you understand that the headquarter has to handle all the inquiries of all Belgium and you have to let them time to handle your request too.


I thank you for your understanding and I cannot fasten the process…






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