cancellation of customer relationship

Hello , I have received a letter form BNP Paribas informing me  that  the Bank decided to cancel my current account, may saving account and my credit card. No explanation given except that the Bank has a right to do so !

Can anyone explain to me what is the reason for  such a decision? AM I not having a right to know why?

I am with BNP from 2014, receiving my monthly salary , working in Brussels  as  a  journalist- correspondent  to the  EU,   for the public television in Croatia. Full time  employee. Never  had minus on my account….., for  sure my behavior as a client is not the reason

Suddenly,  without any notice  BNP decides to close my accounts. And I have no right in this relationship, as they call it. 

There is freedom of information act in the  EU. 

1 Please  inform me  what steps I should  undertake to get the information about the  reason for the closure of my accounts  and my credit card.  

2.Can I reopen my account again ?

  1. how it will affect my  bank standing  when I try to open bank account in other banks as suggested in your letter.

Thank you

Jasna Paro


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Hello @jasenka paro,


I don't have access to your banking data through this Community.

However, as stated in the letter, the bank is terminating our relationship. No reason should be given on this letter.


Once your account is closed, you won't be able to open it in our bank. This letter will have no impact on your application in another bank.


Kind regards,



Thank you, Antonio