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Closing a deposit account - What a pain with BNP.

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Good afternoon,

That's a call for advice to BNP-Fortis or to local members.

My wife & I have got a deposit account with BNP, it was set up to rent a property for 12 months in May 2017. End of May 2018 we left the property. We had an appointment at the BNP branch, where our usual advisor exposed the procedure to release the deposit. She handed a BNP form that she pre-filled for us.

As yes there's a procedure..... another lengthy, tedious procedure. Belgium made. In the UK I give a call, give the secret PIN number and the money is on my account by faster payment in less that a minute. But... that's the UK. Vote leave.

Anyway we sent that straightforward form to the landlady who isn't Belgian and doesn't live in Belgium. She has sold the property and wrote that she just wants the affairs in Belgium to be terminated asap.
She signed and returned 3 copies.

I tried to have an appointment at the branch but the BNP online system has never set up any appointment at all. Therefore I called to secure that appointment. The advisor said we just needed to hand the form in person. I explained and clearly mentioned that the owner would NOT be in.

Today's meetings moved, daughter's nanny secured, my wife's meetings moved. Just back from the branch and........ after a 25 minute-late appointment that lasted 5 minutes, the advisor in person (the same I talked to over the phone!) said he cannot release the funds. Said the signature must be authenticated, for example by the landlady's bank.

Guess what, the landlady's bank is BNP-Fortis in Belgium. Yes, she's a BNP customer. BNP's got her signature sample, IDs, legal address, correspondence details.....

Just seems 3 BNP-Fortis customers would like BNP to be agile.

Questions as follows:

- Why does BNP not use a signature sample of that customer to compare with the signed forms?
- Alternatively, why don't they use the contact details to check with her that she did sign?
- Any other handy solution?

Thx in advance,

Unhappy customer.

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Hi uk-banker!

Welcome on the BNP Paribas Fortis Community! I wish it was on other circumstances...😞

We have received your complaint and we are interrogating other services to know what can be done to avoid such problems and facilitate your experience as customer.

We will come back to you as soon as possible.

Have a nice day,

That will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Morgane.
Any solution within sight?
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Dear uk-banker,

We inquired with the specialized service, the procedure to release funds from a rental guarantee is as follows:

The landlord must either:

- sign the document of liquidation of the rental guarantee delivered by his tenant, in a BNP Paribas Fortis agency of his choice which will authenticate his signature


- have your signature signed on the rental guarantee liquidation document by an official body (municipal administration, notary). [edit]

We invite you to report your dissatisfaction via our online complaint form.


1) In a loop, anyone?

2) Which bankruptcy are we talking about here?!
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Dear uk-banker,

We are talking about the rental guarantee liquidation document.