Old Debit blocked due to last card upgrade and not able to apply for a new card

My old debit card is blocked due to latest card upgrade VISA+MASTER. i am unable to login into web and mobile app and i haven’t registered phone banking code to secure my line. When i call customer care for a new card. They are asking for 5 digit pin code which i dont have. How to get my new card? i have savings in my account and i need to use it now for emergency purpose. My contact number : +91 9962721521



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Hello @Vinoth kumar,


If you don’t have the Easy Banking Phone’s code, we invite you to go to one of our branches.


If your branch is located in Wallonia or Flanders, you can go there without any appointment between 9 and 12:30.


If your branch is located in Brussel, we invite you to call our colleagues at the number 02 762 90 00 to fix an appointment.


Have a nice day,