Expired debit card and obtaining the new one

My debit card expired at the end of August. In the meantime I have changed my corresponding address in my Easy Banking platform so I can receive my new card in the country I currently reside due to maternity leave. I spoke two times with telephone advisers  (tel. 2 762 90 90) and I was assured I  was going to be contacted by the bank and particularly from the Namur branch (where my account was originally opened) so we can agree on what to do but nobody has called me yet (it has been a month now). I am really concerned since I have no access to information as to my account for three months now and it is very difficult to speak to someone from the bank as the telephone lines are constantly busy. My question is very simple. Do I need to travel to Belgium to get my new card from Namur and for how long they keep the card in the branch so I can get it on time, provided I have to come to Belgium?

I would really appreciate your prompt reply.

Thank you!

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Good afternoon @Nikolova,


We thank you for contacting our services.:grinning:

First, we would like to apologize if you didn’t receive a call from our colleagues.

When a debit card expires, we send a new one to the address mentioned in the file. 

If you are now residing abroad, you need to update your data on our website with the ID card reader or by sending an e-mail to your personal advisor.

If you want the card to be sent to your branch, you can call us through the mobile application. You need to log in and go into “Communication” then “Easy Banking Centre’”.


Kind regards,




Thank you for your reply!

Well, I actually did change my corresponding address in my Easy Banking account back in August. Since I have never used the mobile app (I used the card reader only) I am not able to use it now as my card has expired and it takes a valid one to create a profile.

As to my personal adviser,  I have e-mailed him several times since August and I have not received a single reply. That is pity because it deprived me of the possibility to handle the issue on time. And now this relatively small and technical problem is turning into a big trouble with many unknowns  - one of which is that I have no visibility as to the account balance and the worry that the card is sent to someone else on my old address in Belgium.

I appreciate your advice above but once again it leaves me nowhere as to who can actually tell me where the new card currently is (it has been three months now) and what needs to be done so I can finally have it and use it. 

Kind regards, 

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